About Us

Director: Arby Chek

A client once said to me “Accountants are really important as they know things about me that my wife doesn’t know”. Although it was said as a joke, it also provides some very important truths which I used as a building block for the company, Trust.

Our family run business is based in Ealing West London and is driven by the building blocks of the company, Trust, Approachability, and Effectiveness. We feel that these are the three key features to providing full client satisfaction.
Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, which is something we want with our customers. We see clients as more than a number or a piece of text, we want to build a relationship on both a professional and personal level.
We feel that to do our job most successfully, we need to know everything about your business and to do this we need to be Approachable. We aim to break down the barriers between G&C and clients, so we can learn about you, which will help us answer any questions you may have. We will always explain things in a simplistic manner, and understand when you feel confused as we recognise its difficulties, but we will always be patient and are happy to take things at your speed. We are happy to meet on your terms, whether that means out of office hours, our office or yours, or even at your local pub.
The bottom line is, you have come to us for our service, and if we cannot complete it to the highest standard, then we have failed. That is why the Effectiveness of our service is of the upmost importance, where we consider anything less than best as unsuccessful. We use this strict rule to ensure the quality of our service is always high.

We provide a quality accountancy service with a new, fresh and energetic approach. It is our aim to save you money, reduce your Tax Bill and reduce the risk of a HMRC Investigation.