Local accountants you can trust

Easy to switch

We will contact your old accountant on your behalf requesting all documents and organise everything smoothly and painlessly.


We have a vast amount of experience with working with companies in a wide range of industries.

Price and Savings

Our services are very competitively priced, without hidden costs or extras. We will also saves you money by minimising your taxes.

Approachable and Accessible

We want you to feel comfortable talking to us, we don’t charge for extra  consultations and always communicate in a simplistic manner.


Our work is always completed to the arranged deadline, and if not – we will take responsibility of any fines incurred.

Our well-established family run business based in Ealing West London, provides a quality accountancy service with a new, fresh and energetic approach. It is our aim to save you money, support with all the tax and financial transactions, including consulting, company accounting, bookkeeping, VAT, payroll, self-assessment, and more.

We understand that each client is different that is why we adapt our service to suit you. Our services are based around the client, and we pride ourselves on being approachable and trustworthy. We can minimise your taxes and provide tailor made solutions, and this can be done in out of office hours and in a location that suits you.

If you’re based in West London, we are your local accountant, near you, and ready to travel and meet wherever you want. Our office is located in Ealing, West London, and we serve Acton – W3, Hammersmith – W6, Chiswick – W4, West Ealing – W13, Hanwell – W7 and any surrounding areas. We are insured, licensed and regulated to provide practice accounting, tax and financial advisory services.


If you are thinking to become self-employed we can help you to register with HMRC and set up your business right from the beginning. If already self-employed then we prepare and submit of your annual tax return to HMRC.  We will advise on allowable expenses and what would be the most tax-effective trading vehicle.

There are 9 months to prepare and submit the tax return to HMRC. As self-employed your tax year starts from 6 April and finish on 5 April; and self-assessment and tax liability should be completed by  31st January.

Limited Company

Generally most tax efficient way to tread is to operate under a limited company. If you are already self-employed and thinking of incorporation a limited company or simply would like to start trading under a limited company structure we can help you to set up your limited company and guide you through for all the requirements and registrations and explain your responsibilities as a director of a incorporated company.

Once company is set-up, we will advise regarding most tax-efficient ways to distribute your income earned through your limited company.

HR and Payroll

Get extra HR support, when you need it. Whether you’re facing a sudden peak in your workload, or you need ongoing, strategic support – we’re here to help.

With our seasoned HR consultant, we’re able to respond to the most urgent and complex HR challenges. Our flexible and cost-effective services can help you with Employment contract, Policy, Law and more.


Our residential and commercial mortgage services are authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority. We can offer you expert advice and to find the right deal for you.

Also, if required, we can put you in touch with reliable mortgage solicitors experts in sale and purchase.


IR35: One year on

IR35: One year on

It's been a year since IR35 rules were introduced about off-payroll working rules if you engage contractors working through their own limited company. Get in touch with us if you need to understand more how to implement the rules and how it can help your business....

1 April – last date to pay any outstanding tax

1 April – last date to pay any outstanding tax

HMRC gives Self Assessment taxpayers more time to ease COVID-19 pressures: After extending the self-assessment deadline to 28 February, now 1 April is the deadline to pay any outstanding tax or make a Time to Pay arrangement, to avoid a late payment penalty. Get in...

October Deadline Looming

October Deadline Looming

Your HMRC paper tax return must be submitted by 31 October. If even you don't have any tax to pay, there will be penalties, if you send the form after this date. You can fill in your tax return and submit before 31 October, without waiting for the deadline. You can...

Claiming Tax Relief if You Worked from Home

Claiming Tax Relief if You Worked from Home

Employees who have worked from home during the pandemic but are now returning to offices can still claim tax relief on household expenses for this tax year, according to HMRC.


Our family-run business, founded by Arby Chek, an experienced accountant with a global and extensive knowledge of the business, is based in Ealing, West London and is driven by 3 simple factors: Trust, Approachability, and Effectiveness. We feel that these are the three key features to providing full client satisfaction.

A client once told us “Accountants are really important as they know things about me that my wife doesn’t know”. Although it was said as a joke, it also provides some very important truths about Trust. Trust is the foundation of any successful relationship, which is something we want with our customers. We see clients as more than a number or a piece of text, we want to build a relationship on both a professional and personal level.

We feel that to do our job most successfully, we need to know everything about your business and to do this we need to be Approachable. We aim to learn about you, which will help us answer any questions you may have, explain things in a simple manner, and take things at your speed. We are happy to meet on your terms, whether that means out of office hours, our office or yours, or even at your local pub.

The bottom line is, you have come to us for our service, and if we cannot complete it to the highest standard, then we have failed. That is why the Effectiveness of our service is of the utmost importance, where we consider anything less than best as unsuccessful. We use this strict rule to ensure the quality of our service is always high.