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10 Interesting Tax Facts

1. Breaking Bad was moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico from Riverside, California, where it was going to be originally set. But the tax breaks were better in New Mexico, so the film’s creators were easily convinced.

2. New Mexico is great not only for filmmakers but also it you turn 100 – you can stop paying income tax after your centenary.

3. Nevada gives out free decks of cards to everyone who files a tax return. Game of poker, anyone?

4.  The US tax code is longer than all of Shakespeare’s works and War and Peace combined, with 70,000 words.


5. In 1696, England started counting the windows in the houses as it was an indicator of wealth – so they began taxing citizens based on the number of windows.

6. Legendary gangster Al Capone, (Scarface) is thought to have killed between 300 and 500 people but was convicted on tax evasion as there wasn’t sufficient evidence about the murders.

7. Newspapers are printed on such large sheets of paper because of a British “knowledge tax” that passed in 1712, as the law demanded that the papers are charged by the number of pages.

8. Peter the Great, the Russian Tsar decided to tax beards in Russia in 1698 in order to make look his subjects more modern.

9. There are “sin taxes” in the US, which are excise taxes on gambling, alcohol, and tobacco.

10. Lady Godiva, an English noblewoman made her famous naked ride to protest against taxes her husband in the 11th century.