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We understand that each client is different and that you require a specific approach to your individual set of needs. That is why we adapt our service to suit you, ensuring friendly and flexible assistance, while still maintaining a professional quality.

We base our service around the client, which is why we pride ourselves on being approachable and trustworthy, as we know that is important to you. Moreover, we can minimise your Taxes and provide tailor made solutions for all of your accounting and business needs. This can be done in out of office hours appointments in a location that suits you. Our office is located in Ealing West London, however we serve Acton – W3, Hammersmith – W6, Chiswick – W4, West Ealing – W13, Hanwell – W7 and any surrounding areas.

Why Choose G & C?

Easy to switch: You may decide it is in your company’s best interest to switch accountants, in this circumstances as a professional courtesy simply we will contact your old accountant on behalf of you requesting all documents. Application is simple, and we can deal with all of your accounting needs in one place.

Experience: We have a vast amount of experience with working with companies in a wide range of industries.

Price: Our services are very competitively priced, without hidden costs or extras.

Saves you money:  We can minimise your taxes, to an amount that may be greater than our annual fee.

Approachable: We want you to feel comfortable talking to us, which is why we try to make things easy to grasp in a friendly and relaxed manner. And don’t charge for extra needs or consultations.

Accessibility: We ensure that we will communicate in a simplistic manner, removing the intimidation that can occur with tax and accounts.

Punctual: We ensure that our work is always completed to the arranged deadline, and if not we will take responsibility of any fines incurred.

Insured: We are Insured, licensed and regulated to provide practice accounting, tax and financial advisory services.